Upcycle Accessories

Made some bookmarks just to see.  I had a bunch of receipts I didn’t need any longer as well as some used printer paper, so I just drew on the back and taped them together.

Absent People

Absent People They were with us Not ages… Then they go.   They are so gone…         Even the air refuses to fill the empty space they leave behind.

Persistent Beauty

And the day was also green and blue and beauty you couldn’t believe. Never the less It persisted beautifully. Intently. It shook me.

Just staring

Just a tech sketch. A quick tech sketch. Zoning out.

The Favorite Tree

  Significant the the amount of time or the quality of time spent the time as a child playing in the shadows and dappled light at the base of a tree a silver tree a silver oak tree that dropped acorns and twigs and tassels and leaves onto the sandy dirt where its roots were…