Playing with self portraits, spring consuming


I’m trying… to get comfortable with self portraits and with drawing over photos and using digital software…very basic software… I rather like the way it looks like rough graffiti.  I don’t know why I should be self-conscious about it.  It isn’t very original.  Can I say it’s elementary.  While so many are producing pictures that are photo-realistic digital photography with elephants balanced on their heads, or women in fluid dresses falling up out of windows or dancing with tigers, this is no big deal.  I ask myself, why bother?  and I really don’t know any answer.  I can’t help but bother.

Although I don’t like this picture so much (my little daughter does, so she gives me some confidence to even have it hear in no man’s land) it gives me ideas.  Also later on I’ve discovered I can do more detail and bring depth to some of the tech sketching.


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