Stepping out of my comfort zone…

For me, writing and drawing and painting are about spilling some ink, smudging the paper, typing fast and furious, and splattering some paint.  Mistakes bloom with inspiration into ingenuity and originality.   Messy and mistakes are OK with me.

I am not an editor.  I am not a critic.  I like it real.  Vrais.

Sometimes I enjoy highly produced or manufactured.  I’m sure I’ve made that mistake a few damn times.  But really, I like it real.  Sometimes, if I don’t know what to do with a piece of art or theater or poetry or music, I like it more for the confusion.  I don’t have to be sure of what the artist or writer are saying.  I like it better if there are multiple meanings.

I like it least when things say nothing like wallpaper boarders in a dental office or words are just fitting for a 99¢ greeting card.

So here is to pushing my writing and art to my limits.

Slainte! A la sante!  Cheers!


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