Sketching spring

Working in my ever accessible sketchbook after being outside where it feels like spring.


Experimenting with self-portraits

Experimenting with self-portraits and seeing what my basic editing program can do.  I really like how these turned out, especially when grouped together.  It gives me some ideas. I took the picture with my icam, then drew over the background and tried different exposures (?) films (?) or whatever they are called till something looked…

sketching surreal

Never to taste. Never to drink. Seeing only the cherry. The needle to sew it all up.

sketching dreams

Reccuring dream, a black horse lunges out of the sootey fireplace sometimes looking like a horse and sometimes a bristly boar.

Portraits with Dreams

I am beginning to experiment some with self portraits and with drawing with my computer.  I think my daughter will be excited and will look forward to me doing this with her.  I’m curious as to what I will be able to create and where this art journey of expression will lead.

Poem: sometimes

Sometimes travel is a sip away. Sometimes it’s a new pair of shoes.